I have a bachelors and masters degree in economics. After college I found a job pricing different products for an advertising company and then creating and automating the reports showing performance related metrics for advertising. It turns out I had a knack for it and a year later the company created a Business Intelligence (BI) department for me. I have been doing BI since then, giving me 8+ years experience in the industry.

I have also worked with companies that are smaller and still aren't ready to create a full blown BI solution. I have created custom reports for them combining data from different sources using Microsoft tools to create reusable reports for them. Reports can be delivered directly into their inboxes or provided on a website. Reports can be informational, providing needed data to run the business or alerts informing end users of an issue.

I have worked with larger companies at various different stages of their BI platform evolution. I have helped them analyze their business needs and helped them find a BI tool. I have created various data warehouses and data marts, combining data from different transactional databases into a database optimized for reporting. I have used various different BI tools to create reports and dashboards with data security embedded into the solution. I have also managed reporting servers and worked with SSL, tomcat, and IIS.

I created Acosta Analytics because I have a passion for BI and because I want to help various different companies achieve their BI needs.

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